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'Red Love' apple blossom
Apple blossom just emerging on the first day without rain for days. Spotted this glorious young tree in a Cotswold garden - such a deep cerise colour; but sadly no bees. (Sunday 6th May, 2012)

'Florilegium' by Kasia Howard
On the Showground at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show, there is magic in the air. For I came upon one of those show gardens that set the heart racing: 'Florilegium' designed by Kasia Howard. Seeing it yesterday, and again today, I could not do justice to it photographically, for the rain, and lack of sunshine, so overshadowed its significance. It warrants a blog post of its own, and an interview with its creator. (Thursday 1oth May, 2012)

ground-level plaque
Our final few hours at the Show; much chat and discussions with various fascinating people regarding additional content for this blog - and 'Discover Touring' magazine. Before reaching for my travelling artbox and pages from an old gardening book (1927) which I intend to 'alter', I spent time with my camera taking images that just ask to be included in my travel journal. You find them in strange places - this plaque appeared low down on a brick wall; I had to kneel on the damp grass and push my camera through iron railings to take it. I need to check what it is and why it was in this particular spot on the Showground. Art Journals are full of unusual images - so look for the quirky, and snap the moment when out and about. And if you want to see how some of the images I take appear in my own travel journals and mixed-media work, visit my journaling blog here(Saturday 12th May, 2012)

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