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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Another year, another journey

My colour moods change with the seasons. And whilst one would assume I would be focussing at the end of September on russet and crimson with a touch of ochre, in fact it’s an intense azure! In one such notebook - the ‘madness book’ - I fluctuate between solemnity and delirium and the equinox; though I am not demented! I cast it aside and pick from the  boxes of endless notebooks another, equally blue.

The title page announces ‘Another day, another journey’. Begun in 2011, the book was intended to focus on JOURNEYS. Almost the first entry, written one morning at 7.25 am, is significant - Towards Malvern: 
           “Only a tinge of Autumn colour, 
            here and there, 
             in the trees and hedgerows 
           - a faint blush 
           in the early morning sky. 
          Mist on the hills, floating, 
          in grey wisps. 
          And gradually, pale sunshine 
            touches the tops of the hills.”
     asm (Sept 2011)

Taken (I think) in 2012, and just as lovely on 24.09.2016

There were two of us then, working the Three Counties Showground, so I could write throughout any journey, anywhere, whilst RQ drove. Somehow, it always put everything that followed into perspective; into context. And I was not disappointed - the 2016 Malvern Autumn Show: a celebration of the "best seasonal food and gardening, vintage village and nostalgia; craft, art, animals and more."

Just a tiny section within the Westons Malvern Show Garden

This year, the show ground layout was carefully divided into 'activities' making it easy to find what I was looking for. I arrived deliberately early, so as to be able to focus on some scene-setting shots before all the crowds arrived. Such as the apple harvest carefully staged by Westons Cider Visitor Centre (from nearby Ledbury), who also sponsored the Malvern Autumn Harvest Pavilion and Theatre. 

My digital camera and iPhone were kept busy - I was seeking particular types of shots this Autumn, having recently launched a new creative business. At this event, it was still-life-shots that I can utilise in stitched paper-collage framed panels or greetings cards. To remind myself of what I take, I create a digital collage as soon as I return home which I print and pin to a large notice board in my studio. Plenty to keep me busy until I can next be at Malvern!

These images, and many others, have become a part of my creative venture
I look through the Autumn Show Guide,   noting dates for my diary - so many, I could not possibly attend them all! Best you log into the Three Counties website to pick and choose. The closing press release summarises the Show far better than I could, as I was on a one-track mission, following my personal goals. “Welcoming more than 65,000 people through the gates of the Three Counties Showground, the Malvern Autumn Show was once again a record breaking seasonal spectacle. The feast of family entertainment included four world record breaking giant vegetables, a bumper crop of gold medals in the RHS Flower Show, top Chef Tom Kerridge, gardening guru Carol Klein and debonair dancer Anton du Beke.” The Showground postcode (WR13 6NW) is permanently stored in my SATNAV. How soon can I return to the magic that is Malvern?

Going home on an Autumn evening