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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Picking up the Pieces

Whilst forbidden to drive, I could still write!
Travel activities have been significantly curtailed in the last twelve months, and Traveller’s Tales suffered as a result. Whilst working on a major exhibition piece last Spring, out of the blue I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two operations and subsequent treatment left me temporarily unable to drive. 

Crossing the River Severn with our caravan, on our way to Cardiff last Spring.
We travelled when we could; I journaled when we couldn’t, and produced slide presentations and online tutorials for our local Embroiderers’ Guild, plus innumerable paper-and-textile zig-zag travel booklets. (Clicking on the link will take you to the tutorial.)

RQ - a true gentleman, on
his last trip in our
motorhome, August 2014.
Simultaneously, my beloved husband and working partner (my photographer, Ray Quinton) became increasingly frail. Work stopped whilst I cared for him, and re-arranged the house so as to be with him 24/7. He died without fuss, fanfares or medical intervention on 10.12.2014. We had worked together since 1967, from running our own magazine publishing and printing company, to the time we decided to freelance - to within a few weeks of his death.

Memories of a visit with our motorhome to Ireland, when I was working as
travel editor for 'Discover Touring' magazine. Images and words recorded
in a way that will ensure our visit will not be forgotten.
Since then almost continuous legal paperwork has occupied my time, along with hospital checkups, and the need to start reclaiming our acre of garden and orchard that is rapidly reverting to the wilderness it once was - though perfect for wildlife! 

A spring visit to our favourite campsite on the Shrosphire/Welsh border
resulted in this photo-collage of trees - destined for another book!
(The images were actually taken for a workshop tutorial.)
Four months on since RQ’s death and it’s time to pick up the pieces, begin to work again, and move on. And I have something exciting up my sleeve at the beginning of May …. 

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