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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jumping from here to there ...

magic by the sea
Home is where the heart is: three days without WiFi and my Irish diary has fallen by the wayside on this Traveller's Tale blog - though not in my journal. Writing almost non-stop and sketching; but it will take me a time to catch up and working duty calls. Tomorrow, early, we catch the ferry from Rosslare in Co.Wexford to Fishguard (Wales) and thence home. I have so much to tell; so many stories in our circuitous journey through some very varied landscapes, and places; and such welcoming, friendly people. For now, I am sitting outside the motorhome, after walking down to the sea, sand between my toes (childhood) and feet in the water as I took photos of mini-waves to print onto fabric back home. This child's drawing in the sand epitomises what life is surely all about.

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