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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Welcome to my new blog

There's something about flowing water ....
Once upon a time there was a little girl who travelled to imaginary places: in her dreams, and sometimes in reality, she climbed mountains and waded barefoot across streams. She ran wild in the woods, climbed trees and built dens, picked flowers in the hedgerows and collected stones and shells on distant sea shores. She poured over maps and buried her head in books; she kept diaries. Little did that child realise that wanderlust had seeped into her soul - or that one day she would be travelling for real, writing and editing travel articles, and touring with her husband in their motorhome and caravan.

Just out for the day, at a peaceful spot near to home
Followers and readers of my professional and personal blogs will know that I work across many genres and am passionate about so many things – all of which interlink. Disparate strands of my activities weave themselves into an ‘on-the-page’ fabric: a rainbow of colours, a celebration of seasons; a compilation of words, images and above all, the joy of location. Over the last few years I have written haphazardly on my other blogs about our days out and longer trips away, and that will continue. 

A perfect stop-over at the Caravan & camping Club site near Winchcombe, Glos
But in my capacity as a freelance travel editor for Discover Touring magazine, I have become very conscious that there is a gap between issues – so much material arrives on my desk that never makes its way into the twice-yearly publication: fascinating events, food-fests and art venues, gardens to visit, woodland walks, towns and cities to discover. History everywhere on our doorstep; a jigsaw of past and present that stretches from coast to coast.

Eating 'fresh and local' is important to us; we shop whenever possible
at farmers' markets, farm shops or local stores to support local enterprises
I am very excited about my new blog and the opportunity to tell readers about some of the beautiful places we visit, inspiring you to discover out-of-the way places and spectacular events no matter what the time of year. I’ll be adding many links in the coming weeks and snippets of news. But 'Traveller's Tales' is not just for those who tour; it's for anyone who loves discovering new places and activities. Is that you? The please follow my me, and tell your family, friends and acquaintances about my new blog. And if you organize events and want to tell readers about what is happening, email me the details (check my profile for a link). It’s a professional blog, and in no way sponsored – I’m creating and writing it for free, sharing delights with you about my ‘passion for place’.

P.S. I have lots of material already in the file and more arriving all the time - have your road atlas handy ready for the next post, or your sat-nav!